Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself Program  offers a biblical and balanced program that can help individuals overcome personal hurts, habits, and hangups. Based on the actual words of Jesus, the group is committed to encouraging and strengthening all who are in attendance. You will learn from each other's experience to help recover from addictions and compulsions. We carry a message of hope and God's love by teaching how to be reconciled with God and strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ. We will learn to understand God's purpose, calling, gifts, love. and to serve others in our communities.
Who should attend 4 Steps Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself Program?
Alcohol Addiction, Co-dependency, Depression Issues, Drug Addiction, Fear/Anxiety, Guilt/Anger, Grief,
Hurt, Habits, and Hangups, Marital Issues, Low Self Esteem, Pride Attitude, Suicidal Tendencies, Vision & Life Direction in general
5 Steps Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself Program
Step 1 The Situation
Step 2 Interpretation of Information
Step 3 Spiritual Operation
Step 4 Spiritual Medication
Step 5 Life Transformation
We are not...a Rehab or treatment center, a therapy session, a quick fix, we believe in changing people's lives through God's word. 

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