5 Steps-Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

     Step one: Interpretation of Information

     Step two: situation

     Step three: Operation

     Step four: Spiritual medication

     Step five: Transformation

                                                                                               Luke 9:23

                                                                                              STEP ONE

                                                                              Interpretation of Information

Interpretation means: the action of explaining the meaning of something.

Information means: data

1. The reason our situation don't change, we're running off the same old data or information.


     A.In order to change our situation we must change our information. Let God interpretation be our information.

     B. Don't listen to your old-self, talk to your new-self

    C. We struggle with self (old-self)

         1. I can't stop fighting with myself. (Why)

            .old-self is our sinful nature, human nature, the bible describe self as the flesh, Romans 7:14-25

 2. Let's describe  self (old-self)

    A.Self is selfish,self is a lair,self love pity,self is self righteousness,self is self respect


       self is full of pride, self is stubborn,self is rebellious against God,self is full of angry,

       self is full of envy,self refuse to forgive,self love to commit sin,self has it's own personality,

       it's own identity,it's own character,we can identify self by it's behavior.














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