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                                                                                                                THE MISSING KEY- Lesson 1

A key is missing in Christianity today. It is a critical key its absence has resulted in dysfunctional families, ineffective churches, and a decaying culture. Without the full use of this key, followers of Christ lack the tools needed to fully live as kingdom representative on earth, what is the missing key? You guessed it, it is discipleship. Kingdom disciples are in such short supply that a large group of powerless Christians attend powerless churches, resulting in a powerless presence and impact in the world. Until this key called discipleship is recovered and utilized, we will continue to fail in our calling to adequately live as kingdom representative on earth. Discipleship is the missing key to a life authority under God.

                                                                                      A SHORTAGE OF DISCIPLES

This helps explain why so many people go to church every Sunday in the city, yet the city doesn't change. It helps explain why countless numbers of Christians work in the cities of America every weekday, yet our country doesn't change. The primary problem in our country is not that we don't have enough money, not that we can't work through the sociological problems, and not that there are not enough government programs, the problem with our country is not even that we don't have enough churches filled with Christians. The problem is we don't have enough disciples. Where are the true followers? This shortage of disciples explain why we have so many Christians and so little impact within our churches, let alone in the country at large. What we need now are not more bodies in pews. What we desperately need are more disciples, visible and unapologetic followers of Jesus Christ. Until we become disciples ourselves and make disciples, we cannot hope to see change. But there's still hope that the church can get its strength back if it moves from a focus on membership to a focus on discipleship. Disciples were not just sent out to build a church. Christ sent them to exercise dominion. It's not how many members are in a church that matters, what counts is the numbers of disciples.

Do you realize that Christ has commanded His disciples to impact their community? He doesn't want you to be just another resident of your neighborhood or your church to be just another church on the corner, not making any impact for the kingdom. Kingdom representative belongs to the one who sent him out. Kingdom representative is commissioned to be sent out, he exist only for the purpose for which he was sent. Kingdom representative possesses all authority and power of the one who sent him out. Kingdom representative are person are sent forth as official messenger to represent the sender and announce the message of the sender.

                                                                                THE SOLUTION: KINGDOM AGENDA

                                                                                              KING JESUS

                                                                                          1. All AUTHORITY

                                                                  Revelation 19:16/Matthew 28:18/Philippians 2:9-11 

                                                                                          A. Lordship-Romans 14:7-9

                                                                                          B. Headship-1 Corinthians 11:3

                                                                                          C. Rulership-Revelation 3:21

                                                                                          D. Ownership-Psalm 24:1/Psalm 50:10-12

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